Terms, Conditions, and Privacy Statement


You can place almost anything you want on our platform (this website). There are a number of exceptions. We don't approve if you are discriminating against us; hate speech; or in any way post offensive content to others. We judge this at our own discretion. Also, we don't approve of you posting content that doesn't belong to you at all. Think of photos or texts that someone else has made / written without your permission.


We assume that the owner of the linked email address is the owner of the user account associated with it. You are strongly recommended to use your own name. Do not you want that? Then feel free to use the function to use a cover name. This way it is easier for us to keep the website safe. If we doubt your identity and / or intentions, we reserve the right to block your account for further investigation and / or to delete it.


We cannot guarantee that our website will work perfectly and flawlessly 100% of the time. We strive for that, of course. It may happen that our website does not work, or does not work quite as well as we all would like.


We do our utmost to keep our website safe. We use the latest techniques for this, and content such as images is only accessible to users who are approved and logged in. Content you post never appears in search engines in this way. It would be arrogant to think we are unhackable, but our absolute commitment is to prevent this.

Commercial activities

Only business accounts are allowed to advertise. This is not allowed for personal accounts. Advertisements may only be placed on the bulletin board or in our advertising system.

Privacy statement

Your personal data is yours. We strongly believe in this. That is why we never sell your data to others. We adhere to the GDPR and its requirements and we do not use tracking software such as Google Analytics. That is why (you will have noticed that) you do not have to give us permission to place cookies from third parties. We simply don't have one.

You have almost complete control over which personal data we collect and store from you. The only personal data that we are obliged to provide are your first and last name, and your email address. In addition, there are a number of optional fields that you can fill in your profile, such as your gender. If you don't want to fill this in, fine! We also save your IP address when you post something on our website, and when you agree to our terms and conditions.

We do not keep your personal data longer than strictly necessary. In principle, you keep all your personal data for as long as you have an active account with us + 6 months. We then anonymize your data, so that your personal data does disappear but we can still maintain our statistics. Your IP address will not be anonymized, but because your other data disappears, it can no longer be traced back to you. This is necessary for us to keep our platform safe.

We only store your data on our own web server. To this end, we have entered into a processing agreement with this party: Flexwebhosting B.V from Eindhoven. Your data will only be stored within the EU in this way.


We reserve the right to remove and / or ban anyone from our platform at any time if we feel they are not following our rules. Of course we do not just do this, and we would rather not. We will always try to talk to someone first and provide an explanation, but if we think this is necessary, we will remove someone without warning or giving a reason.

Conditions and translations

In all cases, the Dutch version of these general terms and conditions prevails over the translations thereof. Any changes to these terms and conditions will require you to accept them again before using this website.